The new Likealyzer can analyze over 30 additional aspects of your Facebook Page than our previous tool. With several other metrics to consider, we've greatly improved the accuracy of our Likerank™. This list includes category specific metrics like opening hours for local businesses as well as a deeper look at the engagement levels on all recent posts.

New data means higher accuracy

Since the new Likealyzer lets you login with your Facebook account and link up your pages, we are now able to see actual engagement metrics. We've incorporated these new metrics into the Likerank™. 

A new way to look at engagement 

We now score all of your metrics on a relative scale compared to similarly sized pages in the same category. We also look at the historical track record to see if engagement is on it's way up or down for your page. Including both relative performance and overall momentum in the score makes it more robust over time and allows us to continually adjust it so that only the top pages of the world receives top scores.

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