You've logged in to Likealyzer, added your pages, and ran your first report. Now what? Likealyzer turns raw Facebook metrics into actionable insights so that you can understand what steps to take to improve your page. Below is a guide to help you make the most of the Activity Section.

We start with an overall score to give you a general sense of how your page is doing. The first metric we look at is the number of posts per day on your page. Likealyzer will recommend to increase or decrease the number of posts on your page. Check back later in the week to see if you are hitting the mark. 

Post variation looks at everything you post and puts it into three buckets: 

  • Photo Posts
  • Text Posts
  • Video Posts

Based on this analysis, Likealyzer will tell you which post types to focus on next. Likealyzer looks at your latest posts and counts up the amount of characters in each. Based on the average post length, Likealyzer will recommend to shorten or extend your next post. 

Since events are a great way to communicate with your audience, Likealyzer will check if you have posted about any events recently. If you haven't, no worries! Likealyzer will link to the appropriate readings to make it happen. 

Finally, Likealyzer will check how many other pages your page likes. Click read more to understand how to like pages as your page, and not as your individual account on Facebook. 

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